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The CDI is a non-governmental and non-profit association of citizens, established in Macedonia in 1996, aiming to improve the living conditions and the standard of life of citizens in Macedonia.

Established twenty years, the CDI has been involved in development, design and implementation of numerous activities aiming to address the challenges to citizens living in rural areas.

In the recent period, the CDI is one of the founders of the local action group LAG SKARDUS based in the north-west part of the country, national association of agriculturalists ORGANIKA, and it is functioning as a  resource and training centre for cross border cooperation in the triangle Macedonia-Kosovo-Albania, providing support and assistance for rural development.

The CDI is also leading partner organisation in Macedonia in the process of establishing a National Committee for Family Farming in Macedonia, in partnership with other national organisations.

During the process of implementation of our activities, the CDI applies various methods in its work: Mentorship, consultancy, training, publications, production of video materials, study visits and exchanges, analysis, production and publication of policy papers, conferences etc.

Taking into account current inter-ethnic situation in Macedonia, one of the priorities for DCI is improvement on inter-ethnic relations.  By using various forms, methods and activities, the CDI aims to provide opportunities for people/citizens from different ethnic backgrounds  to work together on common issues, challenges and solutions.

The work of CDI has been supported by various national and international donors and international intergovernmental organisations and institutions.</p><p>CDI is a member of EAEA, EBSN, Ecolise, European Civic Forum, FARE and other European networks.

Website: http://irz.org.mk/