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Coldiretti Pordenone

Founded (established) in 1944, Coldiretti is a Trade Union that represents small size agricultural entrepreneurs and farmers. Since then and during its long history, thanks to initiatives in support of agriculture and its capillary organization, it has become the main Italian agricultural association.

Coldiretti unites as many as 1.6 million farmers and the absolute majority of businesses that operate in the agricultural field with almost 70% of members registered at the Chambers of Commerce, among represented institutions.
Coldiretti is also the principal agricultural organization of business owners, based on number of businesses that employ workers.

As mentioned, its presence is capillary across the nation: it has 19 regional confederations, 97 interprovincial and provincial confederations, 724 Local Offices and 5,668 municipal divisions.

Website: http://www.friuliveneziagiulia.coldiretti.it/
Email: pordenone@coldiretti.it