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CISL FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA is a trade union, founded in 1960. It is part of the national Confederation CISL, one of the most important and relevant Organizations for workers in Italy, counting over 4 millions subscribed individuals
In Friuli Venezia Giulia, Cisl counts over 105.000 members, among workers and retirees, and it is the first trade union for the number of subscribers. It represents every employment sectors.
The main activity of Cisl Friuli Venezia Giulia consists of negotiating with with companies (public and private) and Institutions (Region, Municipalities, public organisms).

From the point of view of its internal organization, Cisl Friuli Venezia Giulia is structured on two levels: vertical and horizontal.
At the top of the horizontal hierarchy there is the Confederation, a political organism which defines the guidelines and has relationships with the highest institutions of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.
On the vertical level, there are the 19 Federation Category each representing an employment sector.

In particular the Federations of Cisl Friuli Venezia Giulia are:
• Cisl FP: represents the public employment (included the workers in the health-care sector public and private)
• Fim Cisl: represents the workers of the engineering industry
• Cisl Scuola: represents the workers of the education sector
• Femca Cisl: represents the workers of chemical and energy sector
• Cisl Medici: represents the doctors
• Felsa Cisl: represents the atypical workers and the temporary workers)
• Fir Cisl: represents workers of research institutes
• Fai Cisl: represents people who work in the agricultural and agri-food sectors, and in the fishing industry
• Fistel Cisl: represents the workers of telecommunications, communications, entertainment and paper factory
• First Cisl: represents the workers of the banking and insurance sectors
• Filca Cisl: represents the workers of the wood sector and the construction
• Fisascat Cisl: represents the workers of the services sector
• Cisl Università: represents the workers at Universities
• Fit Cisl: represents the workers of the transport sector and environmental hygiene
• Cisl Slp: represents the workers of the postal sector
• Cisl Fns: represents the workers of the security sector (for example, firemens)
• Flaei Cisl: represents the workers of the energy industry
• Ugc Cisl: represents the farmers
• Cisl Pensionati: represents the retirees

At the same time Cisl Friuli Venezia Giulia manages a network of services to citizens, by some Associations and legal bodies.

In particular:
• Caf Cisl for fiscal assistance
• Inas Cisl for welfare payments (also in Slovenia)
• SindaCare: an office that deals with the disputes between workers and employers
• Adiconsum: for assistance to the consumers
• Anolf: for the assistance to foreigns
• Anteas: for assistance to older people and families
• Iscos: to help people who lives in developing countries
• Ial Cisl: for vocational training

Cisl Friuli Venezia Giulia focuses its attention also on the issues of women, through an internal organism called Coordinamento Donne (Women’s Coordination).
It is concerned with gender equality, wage equality between men and women, best practices to contrast the violence against women into and out the workplaces.

About its international activity, Cisl Friuli Venezia Giulia also counts on 3 different organisms, called Consigli Sindacali Interregionali (CSIR) – Interregional Union Councils.
These are joint bodies between trade union representatives of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria and focused on the issues of cross border labour market.
CSIR are managed by Cisl Friuli Venezia Giulia and the other two important trade unions, namely Cgil and Uil.

Cisl Friuli Venezia Giulia is part of bilateral joint bodies.

Website: https://www.cislfvg.it/
Email: mariateresa.bazzaro@cisl.it