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ICT Literacy skills for social farming
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How to build your Website

Creating your WebsiteClick to read  
How to manage Social Media

Social Media managementClick to read  
Cloud solutions for Social Farming

Cloud managementClick to read  
ICT tools for daily management

Tools for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Click to read  
Tools for Project ManagementClick to read  
Tools for Resource ManagementClick to read  
Tools for Document ManagementClick to read  
Tools for Online MarketingClick to read  
Tools for EcommerceClick to read  
Tools for General managementClick to read  

Social Farming, software, ict skills


In this course, we will introduce some basic ICT skills for Social farming and we will learn how to build a website and how to manage social media. We will provide some insight about cloud storage and finally we will present some interesting tools to boost social farming activity and profitability.