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FASST Assessment

Download IO2 Final Report

The survey is officialy FASST

Question 1:
Please define your organization
a. Social Farming entrepreneur
b. Social Farming entrepreneur-to-be
c. Social Farming entity/association
d. Social Farming trainer
e. Social Farming facilitator
f. Other (please specify):
Question 2:
Did you engage in any training in the last 12 months?
a. Yes
b. No (please go to question 4)
Question 3:
Please specify the topic(s) for which you engaged in training in the last 12 months, ranking the importance, i.e. “a.” as the most important:




Question 4:
Main reason(s) for not engaging in any training.
1 Most Relevant2 More Relevant3 Less Relevant4 Least Relevant5 Does not Apply
1. Limited training offered in my area
2. Training offered not relevant to Social Farming
3. Direct costs/charges/fees for training too high
4. Indirect costs too high; e.g. Loss staff members’ time
5. Training not appropriate for Social Farming
6. Training not appropriate for start-up Social Farming
7. Method of training delivery not suitable
8. Other1 (Specify)
9. Other2 (Specify)
Question 5:
Please, specify which are the most relevant training themes/topics that would help you engage in Social Farming and/or sustain Social Farming at systemic level. (Leave boxes for topics not relevant to you BLANK)
Training themes/topics Relevant training themes/topics
1. EU centralised programmes for Social Farming
2. Financial management in Social Farming
3. Project Management Techniques for Social Farming
4. Networking and Fundraising for Social Farming
5. Social Farming and Rural Skills
6. Planning and Deploying Effective Social Farming Initiatives
7. Building capacity in Social Farming
8. Tools and resources for Social Farming: Business Planning, Visibility, Networking, Marketing and PR
9. General overview of Social Farming
10. ICT literacy skills for Social Farming
11. How to operate Social Farming with the dual challenge of social inclusion and economic empowerment
12. Other (Specify)
13. Other (Specify)
Question 6:
Please suggest other training issues that, in your opinion, must be considered to support the capacity building of Social Farming.
Question 7:
Please suggest improvements to training including means of delivery (face to face, online, worhskops etc.) that, in your opinion, must be considered to strengthen training for Social Farming.
For the Respondent:
Name of the person (optional):
Organisation Name (optional):
Type of organisation:
Third sector
Other (please specify)   
In case you want to be kept informed about the Project:
* * * End of Survey * * *
Thank you for your time!
For the Interviewer:
Type of Interview:
Notes: Note any information, opinion, suggestion, or criticism relevant to training of Social Farming that may not be captured in the questionnaire.